Servidyne’s Barry Abramson, Principal, and Meghan McNulty, Project Engineer, recently presented on Building HVAC Operations and COVID-19 in an ENERGY STAR webinar alongside our friend and client, Tanya Geary with Lincoln Property Company. We are honored to have partnered with ENERGY STAR to help building owners and operators navigate the challenges of safety and efficiency in the built environment.

Building HVAC Operations and COVID-19

Barry Abramson
Meghan McNulty
Tanya Geary
RPA, Lincoln Property Company

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Here are some highlights from the May 21 webinar. Please note that as our understanding of the  virus develops, official guidance may change. Always follow the latest guidelines from ASHRAE and the CDC.

  • Keep in mind that HVAC is not the primary virus transmission mechanism, but it can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Focus on fundamental measures:
    • Ventilation: provide more outside air to increase air change rates.
    • Filtration: use higher efficiency filters that are sealed properly, to remove contaminants effectively.
    • Maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and relative humidity between 40% and 60%.
  • Assume infected people will be present in the building:
    • Measures are most important when people are present, +/- a few hours.
    • Additional measures can be considered for higher-risk situations, but may not be appropriate for all cases.
  • Maintain minimum system performance during reduced occupancy conditions to provide humidity control, proper building pressurization and equipment protection, and to minimize Legionella risk.
  • For re-entry, conduct pre- flush-outs for air and potable water systems, check filters, and ensure HVAC systems are operating properly.

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