Demand Response is an integral part of CPS Energy’s plan to save 771 megawatts by the year 2020.

ATLANTA – May 26, 2010 – SERVIDYNE, INC. (NASDAQ – SERV), an energy efficiency and demand response company, today announced that it has secured an exclusive two-year demand response services contract with San Antonio, Texas-based CPS Energy, the largest municipally-owned electric utility in the United States.

Servidyne’s team will partner with CPS Energy’s account executives and program managers to implement the demand response program, and will help educate and prepare the utility’s end-use customers to participate in the voluntary energy curtailment program. Servidyne will commence work this month by performing initial on-site energy audits at customer facilities to identify and prioritize available demand response (DR) opportunities.

“Servidyne’s Inside the Skin™ energy efficiency expertise will enable these buildings to seamlessly shed electric loads on very hot summer days, resulting in significant reductions in CPS Energy’s peak load growth,” noted Jim Josephson, Servidyne’s Vice President of Sales. “This will create a win-win scenario for CPS Energy and its customers, because the resulting energy and cost savings will accrue to both parties. We are gratified to be recognized by CPS Energy as a proven provider of these services, and we are eager to assist them in achieving their demand response goals.”

CPS Energy’s demand response program is part of the utility’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP), which has a goal to reduce growth in demand by 771 megawatts, or the equivalent production capacity of a large electrical generating unit, by 2020.

During the demand response season (June 1 to September 30), each participating CPS Energy customer will be compensated for modifying usage of energy-consuming building assets during peak energy events, when called upon by the utility to temporarily reduce electric consumption. Josephson said he expects that each year, Servidyne will enable at least 20 to 25 CPS Energy customers to participate in the program.

“As more of our customers become aware of the potential cost savings and benefits of this program, we anticipate that the number of participating customer facilities will grow substantially,” said Bruce Evans, Director, Customer Solutions Delivery at CPS Energy. “We are confident in Servidyne’s ability to mobilize to meet the needs of these additional customers and to help us meet our stated load reduction objectives.”

Servidyne’s Demand Response offering is designed to provide technology-enabled real-time demand response capabilities to operators of large, complex buildings, like office towers, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities and hotels. The DR system is built upon two core competencies: Servidyne’s award-winning engineering practice focused on energy conversion and delivery on the load side of the utility meter, and the Company’s propriety software-as-a-service iTendant® platform, a Web-based, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) hosted in a Tier I data center, which provides the reliable two-way, fast and secure communication and tracking platform needed for demand response.

About CPS Energy
CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned energy company providing both natural gas and electric service. Acquired by the City of San Antonio in 1942, the company serves 707,000 electric customers and 322,000 natural gas customers in and around America’s seventh-largest city. CPS Energy has achieved the highest financial ratings of any electric system in the U. S., stands number one in wind-energy capacity among municipally owned utilities across the country, and ranks number one in Texas in solar-generated electricity under contract.

About Servidyne
Established in 1925, Servidyne, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates globally through its wholly–owned subsidiaries. The Company provides comprehensive energy efficiency and demand response solutions, sustainability programs, and other products and services that significantly enhance the operating and financial performance of existing buildings. Servidyne enables its customers to cut energy consumption and realize immediate cost savings across their portfolios, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the comfort and satisfaction of their buildings’ occupants. The Company serves a broad range of markets in the United States and internationally, including owners and operators of corporate, commercial office, hospitality, gaming, retail, light industrial, distribution, healthcare, government, multi-family and education facilities, as well as energy services companies and public and private utilities. Servidyne also owns commercial income-producing properties in the Southeast. For more information, please visit

Certain statements contained in this news release are forward-looking statements within the meaning of federal securities laws. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other matters, including the risks and uncertainties set forth under the heading “Risk Factors” in the Company’s periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, any of which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Servidyne, Inc. to be materially different from any past or future results, performance, or uncertainties expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Without limitation, statements in this press release that are forward-looking include the Company’s expectation of starting energy audit work this month to identify and prioritize available customer demand response opportunities, the Company’s expectation that its Inside the Skin™ energy efficiency expertise will enable customer buildings to seamlessly shed electric loads on peak demand days, the Company’s belief that demand response will create a win-win scenario for the utility and its customers, the Company’s belief that during the demand response season, each participating customer will be compensated for reducing consumption of electricity when requested, and the Company’s expectation that at least 20 to 25 CPS Energy customers will participate annually in the demand response program. Servidyne, Inc. does not undertake to update these forward-looking statements.


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